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zipments sounds interesting! How is zipments different from other delivery service providers?

Simply put, zipments offers a convenient and flexible courier workforce that can mold to the needs of businesses or personal delivery in any local market. We are the most comprehensive solution for local same day delivery.

zipments has every type of courier to fit the variable and specific needs of local commerce, enhanced by our platform which connects each business to the right courier at the right time. Our accessible web application and API allows for seamless integration into any type of business, whether it's a unique local small business, a local e-commerce company, or the local franchise of a national chain.

And, supported by our commitment to transparency, zipments always provides a consistent, reliable delivery experience. Our consistency, combined with local flexibiliy and easy to integrate technology, makes it easy to scale your deliver operations across multiple markets.

Why is zipments good for local businesses?

If you operate a local business, zipments offers a convenient and flexible delivery service to fit your particular needs. Best of all, our prices for same day delivery are comparable to standard 2-3 day service by some national agencies.

You can leverage zipments to:

  • Increase sales and loyalty among your customer base. zipments is an efficient way to attract new customers and increase the frequency of purchases from both new and existing customers.
  • Eliminate your time-consuming and costly search for local delivery providers. Our network of local zipments couriers allows you to quickly find the right courier for your specific needs.
  • Provide delivery services with no disruption to operations and no upfront costs. Our web-based application makes it easy to request deliveries from any computer or mobile device, and you incur no upfront costs of any kind.
What kinds of businesses is zipments most relevant for?

zipments works for local businesses of all types. We are able to serve the variable and specific needs of local businesses and the markets in which they serve.

For brick & mortar retailers, our web-based application makes zipments an easy complement to existing POS systems. This allows brick and mortar retailers to offer a flexible delivery service for a variety of needs, including delivery of bulky items, gift deliveries or simply as an added value for loyal customers.

For e-commerce companies, zipments offers same day delivery in areas near distribution centers and customers can request same day delivery right from their online shopping cart via the zipments API. This is especially beneficial for high value or urgent items, which help to build customer loyalty.

zipments also helps local businesses manage inbound deliveries from vendors with a customized, on-demand delivery workforce.

Where is zipments available?

Zipments service is available in the Greater Vancouver area. We will be expanding to other cities in the near future. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on newest participating retailers and cities we are servicing.

Is it easy to dispatch deliveries on zipments?

Two words: super easy! Our web application is accessible from any computer or iPhone device - there's no need to download anything or use any special software.

Simply go to and fill in your pick-up and delivery information. Your request is then immediately deployed to our courier workforce. Additionally, you can set templates for regular deliveries. With templates, it only takes 2 clicks to initiate a delivery.

If you have an e-commerce site, zipments also has an API that can be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms. We make it easy to connect your online store to a professional local delivery service.

How do you ensure qualified couriers will be handling my deliveries?

zipments is committed to best-in-class courier operations, and zipments couriers are all recruited and vetted individually by us.

A key component of our quality control is full transparency: as soon as a courier is dispatched for your job, you'll receive the assigned courier's zipments profile which includes a photo, professional background and performance history.

Finally, zipments values consistency of service. To that end, all couriers must pass through our training program before entering our workforce. We require couriers who join our network to strictly adhere to our service protocols and key safety measures.

What kinds of things can zipments deliver?

Think of zipments as the go-to courier resource that helps local businesses runs more smoothly or lighten the load of your hectic personal schedule. Whether you're looking to reach more customers in your local area, facilitate consistent delivery from your vendors, or simply need a reliable resource to quickly get things across town, zipments can help.

Today, zipments offers its standard delivery service and rates only in the Vancouver area. Our requirements are that packages fall within the range of typical local deliveries. Basically, anything you can deliver via a typical Vancouver courier company, you can do with zipments.

How much does delivery cost with zipments?

Our standard delivery pricing is market competitive with other delivery providers in the Vancouver area. We want you to choose zipments for same day and next day delivery services. Our standard delivery pricing is market competitive with other delivery providers in the Vancouver area. Give us a call to discuss pricing for your team.

How will I know when my items have been delivered?

zipments brings transparency and efficiency to every single job. Once a delivery job has been dispatched, zipments enables direct communication between you and your courier - no more having to go through 3rd party communications or telephone "middlemen". You and your courier will be able to contact each other via the zipments platform, allowing seamless communications throughout the delivery.

You can also track deliveries online, and receive real-time notifications showing delivery status each step of the way. And you will know immediately when the delivery is signed for with our digital signatures.

Of course if there are ever any issues, you can always reach us at or by sending us a tweet @zipmentsCA.

Can I cancel or modify a job after I've posted it to zipments?

You can cancel a job at any time before the job has been assigned to a courier. Just look for "My Deliveries" under the Manage icon. There you can see all deliveries pending, and are free to delete the job provided it hasn't yet been assigned.

How will I get charged for my deliveries?

zipments provides efficient and secure payment processing. We process all payments through Stripe, one of the most secure online payment processing services available.

What if I'm not satisfied with my delivery service?

zipments wants your feedback! If you have any comments or concerns please contact us at for resolution.

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